Getting Pregnant Without Periods

A new study questions whether it is best Essentially gynos thought that it really was not likely for a woman without periods to get pregnant easily, because most likely she won't be ovulating, so it would be impossible to conceive. So traditional thinking has us kick starting ovulation by either bringing on a period, or bringing on a period followed by giving ovulation inducing medicine like clomid or follistim or similar medications. Many women who do not have regular period,s but still want a baby, liked this system, thinking that shedding off that lining with a period take fer is a way of getting a fresh start to one's cycle and therefore the best way to get pregnant. In a newly published large NIH/NICHD grant study that whole premise has been challenged. The study, headed up by Dr. Michael Diamond, looked at women with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). These women were given progesterone to make them bleed or just given the fertility medicine right away without waiting for a period if they didn't normally have periods. As expected: the women who were given progesterone to get a period actually ovulated more frequently. But what was completely unexpected: if the women were not given progesterone to make them get their period, they were more likely to get pregnant than the group that had a period brought on! They aren't sure why this would be true but it's fascinating, and gives us something else to try if our current methods don't work.


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