Throw Back Thursday: What Dr. Adison Discovered The Aging of the Adrenal Gland

Every 8 years our chance of dying approximately doubles. Some of this rapid decline towards death has to do with the loss of function of our adrenal gland. The famous Dr. Addison discovered that tuberculosis, in addition to ruining one's lungs could destroy the adrenal gland. And from this, the name of adrenal insufficiency, became known as Addison's disease. Immune causes, tumors, and infections are all associated with weakening of our adrenal gland that can have profound affects on our health. Medications like steroids can cause adrenal gland problems, but so can other medications, and there is an entire list of medications. For women remaining on long term treatments, it may be a consideration to look at the levels of adrenal gland hormones if you are getting inexplicable side effects. Genetic family diseases cause adrenal gland problems, and can be associated with other problems such as parathyroid gland conditions and chronic yeast infections! Aging itself is not necessarily a problem, although it can be for the adrenal gland as well as other prts of our body. Interestingly the highest amount of DHEA is produced in the third decade of our lives. There is a lot for us to know about how the adrenal gland ages, we will be following this research closely!


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