Your Baby Can Cure Your Diabetes And Maybe Your Hypertension Too

Gestational diabetes is becoming more and more common. Almost 7% of the population will be diagnosed with diabetes, and almost all are women who become diabetic in the pregnancy known as gestational diabetes.Current blood sugar numbers in pregnancy used to diagnose diabetes are so strict that almost half of those women diagnosed will not have any risk factors. So if you are pregnant you will be tested and if you do not pass the test you will have to follow dietary restrictions aimed at keeping your blood sugar both stable and in the normal range while still eating enough calories and gaining a proper amount of weight. Although how good your diet has to be in your pregnancy to have the most chance of a healthy baby is still being debated; we do know that women who have a diagnosis of diabetes in pregnancy will be more at risk for diabetes later in life.  Breast feeding can reduce the chance that a woman will have impaired glucose metabolism in the post partum period of time. A study of patients with PCOS has just confirmed this, but other studies have indicated for overall weight and blood sugar management, breastfeeding your baby helps mom as much as baby.In the newest  in 2013 of long term risks of high blood pressure, buy Lupton and researchers out of the University of Western Sydney in Australia, it is shown that breast feeding your baby makes it less likely to ever have high blood pressure in later life. Breast feeding for over 3 months was helpful and greater than 6 months was additionally beneficial. They encourage women who never breastfed their babies to be watched more closely for the development of high blood pressure.


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    For most women, diabetes during pregnancy doesn't cause noticeable signs or symptoms.Usually the symptoms of diabetic issues in expectant mothers are gentle and not deadly to the mother.

  2. For the reader who points out that the mother is usually not ill when being diagnosed with gestational diabetes, it is true that most that are diagnosed with gestational diabetes will not at the time of diagnosis have overt symptoms. And for women who forgo treatment (not that anyone would) of gestational diabetes the abnormal blood sugars won't cause overt maternal disease. Gestational diabetes however, is potentially serious and potentially will lead to the woman be a diabetic the rest of her life. So prompt attention to the beneficial diet, exercise and weight management is very important.


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