When Your Nipples Do Not Seem To Match

Variation in Breast Nipple Color One Side Darker
It is a good idea to check with your gyno whenever you appreciate new breast symptoms. Changes are what we ask patients to pay the most attention to. Women usually think this mostly refers to feeling a breast lump, which should indeed be reason to call. But if there are skin changes, skin color changes, a difference between the nipples that didn't exist at all or new pains or discomfort, these are reasons as well. It is important to notice skin changes. The nipple skin on one side may suddenly be a lot darker than the other side. This can be seen in women without breast discharge, but if there is also nipple discharge on one side that is another reason to get an examination. Many simple explanations can account for one nipple being darker than the other; like using sun screen on one side not the other, but it's also possible there is a medical cause and we advise our patients to come in and consult so that we can determine if it is serious.


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