Uterine Surgery Pictures

Uterus, Fallopian Tubes and Ovaries at the time of a Hysterectomy

The most definitive therapy for uterine fibroids is having a hysterectomy. Patients with Uterine Fibroids not responsive to treatment can have surgical removal through a procedure called a myomectomy.
10 cm Uterine Fibroid Removed During Myomectomy

Uterine wall tissue removed in sections at surgery
Some patients can have their fibroid or their uterus removed in one piece like the myomectomy picture. Other patients who have a uterus too large to be removed in one piece, various options through surgical reducing of the size are available, one uses a now little used device to create strips of tissue through a process called morecellation. Emerging therapies are using medication to shrink the uterine fibroids. Women who get uterine fibroids later in life, in their 40s will tend to have fibroids that go away in menopause, women who get fibroids earlier in their life, such as in their 20s will typically have uterine fibroids that will not resolve at menopause. 


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