Teanage Girls With Liver Disease Explained

UNCC Gardens
More cases of fatty liver disease have been diagnosed recently. Essentially this is a form of liver disease that can lead to severe disorder of the liver, including the classic fat deposits, but also a loss of liver function. A significant percentage of fat women are diagnosed with fatty liver and those women need to realize that the need to lose weight fairly promptly. And it turns out that in a study done in Perth, Australia a Dr. Ayonrinde has discovered that polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) can affect more than the ovaries and hair growth. It has been known that insulin levels and blood fats are altered in girls and women with PCOS, and it is known that many struggle with their weight. But actually we are now showing that these girls have higher serum leptin and lower serum adiponectin levels which contributes to body fat and thicker waist lines. These findings have not yet been linked to a consistent plan for women or young girls with PCOS. It may be that in cases of obesity we get blood testing of the fat hormones leptin and adiponectin levels. Definitely if we discover liver tests are abnormal think about imaging studies that might help reveal the problem. And we do not yet know if optimal control of PCOS would help to control fatty liver disease. It's a story we will be watching closely.


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