Medication Use for Nausea and Pregnancy

If you are pregnant, and beginning to feel a bit woozy and like you could vomit easily, try doing anything that will be distraction, eating ginger, drinking extra fluids, magnetic bracelets, or apply heat to your cheek near the ear, but if that doesn't work, it may be time for you and your gyno to discuss the use of medication. When it becomes necessary to use medication to treat nausea or vomiting in pregnancy many strategies have developed. We have already talked about the medication Bendectin which has appeared under a new name.  And while we have proven that this medicine, from the 1980s is safe, if we reach back into time, for the recommendations for the over production of saliva that many women experience in the cases of nausea in pregnancy, which was a saturated solution of chlorate of potatsh, which is definitely labeled a poison now! If the simple strategies for nausea or vomiting of pregnancy don't work, consider the medication, and your gyno can help you select one known to be safe.


  1. I am confused about what type of fruits are suitable to drink during pregnancy. Please..suggest me..something.

    Sheila Burnett

  2. A reader asks what fruit to eat in pregnancy. All fruits are potentially suitable to drink in pregnancy, but pregnant women should still aim at balancing their diet and eating according to the guidelines. Apples, oranges, pears, plums, pinapple, as well as berries all make great additions to drinks for the pregnant mom. Some fruits have a higher sugar content than some women with gestational diabetes can handle and if you are diabetic watch your blood sugar tests when you do consume fruit with meals.


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