Mammogram Scoring

If you have had a mammogram, you may know that you passed, but did you know that you were also given a score? It is the system called BIRADS scoring. The number assigned was probably from 0 to 6. And your next recommended testing highly depends upon that score. Scores of 0 mean you need more testing, scores of 5 mean that you have a mammogram that may show a cancer. In fact we can give some statistics: BIRADS 3 is under 2% chance of having a breast cancer. A number 4 is usually a "consider biopsy statement, because some studies show at least a 50% chance of having cancer, some studies show that with a score of 4 it's actually much less likely to have cancer. Scores of 1, since it means your mammogram was normal, and that you can repeat your test with your next routinely scheduled follow up which for most women will then be yearly. Your physician knows what your clinical breast exam showed (technically you cannot have a screening mammogram if the exam wasn't normal, if there was a lump on exam you would have a diagnostic mammogram) and uses that plus the number to tell you what to do next. It is important to remember, your age, the specifics of the report, your own breast exam findings, and your gyno's breast exam findings are taken into consideration when these are done.


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