Hemorrhoids a Bump that Itches

Multiple hemorrhoids
Hemorrhoids are very common, and most give us no symptoms at all. They often will appear as a tiny tag of tissue protruding from the anus. Or they may be, like in this picture multiple. The first sign is a bit of itching in that area, but burning or other symptoms are possible. Most women will have one or two, some may have several, and in this picture the extra skin has become swollen with extra blood in the vessel that is contained within the hemorrhoid itself. The treatments are really designed to calm the blood flow down so the swelling shrinks and that makes the itching stop. When the blood vessel becomes so swollen it bleeds or when the blood flow back from the hemorrhoid gets backed up so that the area darkens or becomes too tender to touch. Anyone with hemorrhoids should take precautions to have regular bowel movements, and take care not to strain as straining will increase the pressure in this area and cause them to swell.  Those are cases that medication will likely not fix and you will have to see your gyno to discuss further treatments such as banding, removing or other surgical treatments.


  1. Hemorrhoids patient suffering in discomfort all the day long. It’s really very painful to carry on hemorrhoids. i think we need to prevent it as early as possible.


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