How Often to Get Your Pap and Your Mammogram Gyno health 1,1,1 has been changed to a 1,2,3

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I like sayings and numbers and acronyms to help me remember, but of course there are exceptions. We used to say: clinical gyno exams once a year "1" and mammograms once a year "1" pap smears once a year "1" and now we still say see your gyno for a clinical exam once a year "1" but consider mammograms every two years "2" and then get the pap smear every three years (some can go to 5 if you are having HPV testing that is negative) so the "3". Of course these recommendations do not apply if you have had prior disease or are being followed for a specific treatment or have other reasons for being more high risk, for that plan you need to speak privately with your gyno. I see too many healthy women not complying with recommedations and they often seem to be doing a "3, 3, 3" meaning if they didn't get a pap they didn't get a gyno exam annually, but are spacing all exams out too fare; and of course women under 40 (or 50) wouldn't actually need a mammogram yet. So I want to remind you the "1" is the most important first step so that you can plan your own number sequence. Women without a uterus but on medication might need to be a 1, 0.5, 0 for instance. And then you do have to discuss when to get blood pressure checks, and cholestrol checks, bone health testing, and checks of your pelvic floor. What is your gyno recommended number sequence? You have to go talk to your gyno to find out!


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