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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Can Sex Cause Vaginal Tears or Bruises?

Sex doesn't routinely cause vaginal tears or bruising, and pain or bleeding should not occur after sex. Generally speaking a women’s vagina is elastic, with moisture that increases with increased friction, and thus sex is not usually going to cause tears or cuts that can be felt. If a gynecologist takes a microscope to the tissue relatively soon after sex it’s not uncommon to see microscopic tears that wouldn’t be seen on regular examination, and for the most part are not painful. But tears that are painful, along with abrasions and bruises can occur during wanted, consensual intercourse. Exactly the location of the tearing or bruising will be more related to the position the male was in. Tearing and bruising is more common if lubrication is poor, often from not enough time for arousal and enough lubrication. But in some cases, particularly if a woman has a minor vaginal infection or extra dry due to her hormone state, irritated by condom use then the arousal of sex may cause swelling of the tissues, and if swollen, and a bit dry it can cause a tear. The feeling of pain with intercourse, especially in the lower portion of the vaginal opening is the most common sign of tearing during sex. Other signs of a tear from sex can be painful urination or spotting after sex. Unusual discharge and odors are more typical from infections rather than tears from sex. Tampons, vaginal rings, and even biking can make a little tear into a larger more painful one. Rarely the tears will get infected, but mostly they just need a little time to heal, and some very basic care. the tears themselves thus are not medically an issue for the most part, because they do heal so rapidly, but they can make you more at risk for contracting STDs, so it's not as healthy if this is a regular problem. If you have bruising or tearing you should see your gyno to make sure that is the diagnosis.There are many treatments, and the newest are using the MonaLisa Touch or vaginal PRP therapy.


  1. It could be that the guys penis is way too big causing such pain and vaginal tears. rubia culona

  2. Here you said that they (vaginal tears) should heal rapidly. I've had mines for about one week. Is that too long?

  3. There are many reasons for vaginal bruising and tearing with sex. The most common cause is infectious, the second most common cause is vaginal atrophy which has produced narrow and rigid vaginal tissues; but dozens of other conditions can produce the tearing and bruising. It would be important to have an examination to make sure there are no congenital or acquired conditions that need management.

  4. what if the bruising is on the inside but side ways just one side hurts when I touch or urinate no scent with the dischargebut its sore and bruised I cant reache a gyno where I am .will you please help me .what can be the cause

  5. I had sex and the condom burst a of it was inside me for 3 day after I remove it my vagina started to bleeding what can be the cause

  6. Condoms are safe and effective, but they do sometimes rip or tear. Neither of those conditions would normally cause a problem of bleeding. Women with unexpected bleeding after removing a condom might have an infection, or a cut, or an irritation, but most likely it is not vaginal bleeding but uterine bleeding which is not related and does need to be evaluated.

  7. My husband and I bruise after sex I feel the soreness most when he ejaculates. Is it inadequate lubrication?

  8. We both bruise after sex but I feel the sting the most when he cums. Could it be inadequate lubrication?


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