All Estrogens are Not Created Equally

Women will report that when treated with menopausal estrogen therapy very unique side effects. Some gynos have thought that most of these issues were related to the dose and to the route of hormone administration (oral pills, patches, creams or shots), and the amount of time the estrogen was used. It is true that using hormones for over 10 years has been a big predictor of the link with breast cancer.Five years is usually deemed safe.  It also is important what hormones were given. About 1/3 menopausal women have had a hysterectomy and those women have not been given progesterone therapy, but just use estrogen, in these women there has been a different rate of breast cancer than the estrogen users alone.  But it turns out, as suspected, one estrogen can be very different from other estrogens. Some estrogens may protect against breast cancer, some may not, some may cause breast cancer, the reason may be in the type of estrogen. Some experts in a new article in the March 2012 Lancet have begun to point out that only the Premarin medications were studied in depth and given that they feel that if prescribed this compound should be favored because so much more is known about it and it's the only one that has been shown to reduce breast cancer risk oin women with a hysterectomy. Still can be a very confusing topic!


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