You are Fifty: You May Need....A Hat

Not everyone who looses hair loses enough to need to only wear hats, or even to want to. But often the hair loss as we age is significant to produce thinning which is bothersome, and when it comes to treat or get a topper, the treatments aren’t uniformly effective, so you may find yourself using an occasional striking chapeau! Hair loss, beginning at the age of 50, occurs as we age. Your hair may thin everywhere, but it's most likely to thin on your head and less so in the other areas of your body. Hairs come and hairs go, normally at the same pace. Women will loose 75-100 hairs a day, and if you look at 75 long hairs in a bundle, it will seem fairly dramatic. But don't panic on a normal day, you'll replace all the one's you've lost with new hair growth to the tune of the same number...about 75 to 100 new hairs each day. If you are loosing over 100 hairs a day, you will get hair thinning. The most common form of hair thinning and hair loss is what is called non-scaring loss. It's temporary, the main losses begin to recover in 6-8 months and is likely due to elevated male hormones, chronic medical illness or stress. Various physical stresses can cause hair loss including fevers, very dramatic events in your life or long chronic illness.  Non-scarring hair loss is the situation in which hair follicles, the place that hair grows out of, may lose their hair shafts, but they are mostly not destroyed and they can once again grow a new hair. Mild follicle inflammation, like a localized infection or pimple can cause a temporary hair loss.So when you check in with your gyno you may indeed find treatable conditions. But if not, it's aging and there may not be a lot to do to turn around the hair loss an regain the hair of your 20s.


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