Top NuvaRing Questions

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The NuvaRing is a combined hormonal contraceptive vaginal ring that is prescribed for 3 weeks of use and one week break.  I always figure that the questions in our gyno practice are the questions you have, and here are the top NuvaRing questions with the answers:

1. Can I wash my NuvaRing: yes, you can, this is covered in the package insert
2. Can I leave in my NuvaRing for 4 weeks instead of 3 so I skip this month's period: yes, there is enough hormone for 4 weeks and this is in the package insert as well. If you do use your ring for longer than the 3 weeks you may get a bit of spotting instead of a normal period, but it likely will hold your period off until your next time you take the ring out for a few days (no more than 7! or you won't be protected!). In fact an April 2013 article in Contraception studied the blood levels of a single ring used for 6 weeks and they stayed in the effective range. So don't forget to take your ring out if you do want to get pregnant!
3. Can I take my NuvaRing out during sex: yes, but for no more than 3 hours
4. Can my partner feel my NuvaRing: about 35% of men say they can feel the ring during sex, and abot 1/5 women say they can feel it during sex as well, but rarely is this bothersome to women
5. I  know it has to be refrigerated, but how long can I keep it in the fridge: 4 months after you pick it up from the pharmacy, then it has expired according to the product information.
6. Are overweight women equally protected by the NuvaRing as normal weight women: yes, based on blood studies the NuvaRing is effective in women of all weights, and it is recommended over oral contraception for women who have had bariatric surgery as they may not absorb oral contraceptive pills as well. 


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