Punch in Your Sex Life and Punch in Your Workouts

Testosterone is the male hormone, but the female ovary does make it as well. It is associated, when used in high doses, with side effects such as oily skin, acne, deep voice, hair growth on your chin, and hair loss on your head. But as an anabolic hormone it can pump your muscles and give you energy as well. Al the male hormones, or androgens,  produced in our body can have very potent effects, Androgens in women are likely important for libido and sexual function, with the potential for beneficial effects on bone mineral density, body composition, energy level, and psychological well-being. For many years women have been reporting that it helps with sex drive, but we didn't always have the studies to back up treatment strategies. Testosterone decreases with aging, and 50% drop with menopause. By natural menopause some women have the same testosterone level as women who have had a surgical menopause. The testosterone patch studies done with Intrinsa showed a slight libido boost for menopausal women taking estrogen therapy, the Libigel studies of a gel application of testosterone to menopausal women showed the same, but then no significant effects on libido in the latest rounds of statistics. Believing in the local effects of hormones gyno physicians have used ointments, creams or gels of testosterone directly in the vaginal area to enhance the effect. Now there is a new way to boost libido with testosterone: sniff it! There is actually the new drug named Tefina, undergoing testing, which is is a nasal gel. The gel is being tried for women who were not able to have orgasms. When used it streams though the blood stream so quickly that it is out in 24 hours. It's being tested for safety, and we don't yet know how it will work for female sexuality. If you have had experience with testosterone use it might be time to gab with us, post a comment, and share your story!



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