Pregnant, But are there Twins? What Are the Odds?

Women get that positive pregnancy test and they want to know so much more! What is my due date, am I having a boy or a girl, am I having twins! And when they have those questions we quote the following odds of twins We have between 100-120 chance of having twins, and naturally triplets occur about 1.7900. Quadruplets once in 370,000...approximately. The studies vary by your age and ethnic background. And what if you live in a little known place the town of Igbo-Ora in Nigeria Africa, called The Land of Twins in a BBC report. There they have about five times the rate of twins, or about 5 out of 100. The Yoruba people there may have a reason for their twinning. The Yoruba's diet is heavy with a type of yam known as the cassava. Although there has been a bit of research into establishing what substance of the yam causes twinning, it's not really confirmed, and other than the obvious health benefits of yams in our diet (lower glycemic index than potatoes) it's probably not going to help you pop twins out, you'll still have the about 1/100 chance seen in most countries! Of course these are the 'natural' rates with the rates after taking fertility medications much higher. Some fertility medications have rates as high as 50% of having a multiple pregnancy!


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