The 'Official' Line on Menopausal Hormone Treatment

For the offical line on hormone therapy there are many organizations which weigh in, but for comprehensive updated analysis the North American Menopause Association does an excellent job for both lay and professional assessment of hormone therapy. Bottom line there are many studies that establish the benefits of hormone therapy for managing your menopausal symptoms and additional data to still support hormone therapy for reducing your lifetime risks of osteoporotic bone fractures. If you like facts and figures when making your yearly 'to take or not to take' decision regarding hormone therapy, then the 2012 position statement on hormone therapy from the North American Menopause Association is what you want to review. To my reading there is ongoing support for the benefits of hormone therapy for many women with diverse treatment needs. The use of hormone therapy will support urinary tract health and be important therapy for women with premature menopause. There is also more support for the safety of the transdermal (over the skin) preparations. It is also true that in the new very low dose estrogen treatment programs the safety is very close to the transdermal products. Short therapy of use from 3-5 years is healthier than long term therapy. The type of hormone you are prescribed is important. Some women will need treatment after stopping therapy as women may get hot flashes after they stop. Keep in tough for other posts as we delve into the details of the update., and be sure to write in with the questions you have!


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