North American Menopause Society Position on Estriol Component of Bioidentical Hormone

Bioidentical Hormone Therapy (BHT) means any menopausal hormone therapy that is identical to a hormone produced in the female body. For menopausal therapy it usually means 17Beta-Estradiol and actual hormone progesterone. Both estradiol and progesterone are approved for menopausal therapy. The therapy is excellent for the treatment of hot flashes, for urinary health, for bone improvement; hormone therapy is not helpful to preventing decline of mental thinking or cognitive function and if you have had a uterine cancer you may need only progesterone therapy. Some women have applied this term to uniquely blended formulas designed for the individual woman. These blends may or may not contain only the estradiol, and many that are called biest or triest may contain the unapproved compound of estriol. In the recent position paper on hormone therapy by the North American Menopause Society they point out that the FDA has ruled that some compounding companies are making false claims regarding safety and that you are not to be given estriol without an investigation new drug authorization. If you are allergic to a component in traditional menopausal estrogen or progesterone therapy, then you may be a candidate for compounded therapy. Otherwise, they recommend approved government compounds for the treatment of your menopausal symptoms.


  1. This is a good alternative way of treating your hormone, plus it's natural. But, still, it's better to ask your doctor's advice if you're ready to take this treatment.


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