The Isralie IUD Fix

The simple solutions are often the best solutions, if an IUD slips the recommendation in the package insert is to replace it with another. In this series by a single physican in Israel, reported in Contraception 2021, a novel solution to the IUD mispositioned was to just take a thin clamp, while watching under ultrasound, reposition the device. And it worked. He found that about 3 or 4% of the positioned IUDs will not necessarily be in place when you look about a month later on ultrasound. Most of these devices are just too low with part of the stalk of the device sitting in the cervix. More complex surgeries can be done to put the device up where it belongs, like the use of hysteroscopy, but in this case series the doc just took a little tool and pushed it back. And it usually worked! Those of us gynos who work under ultrasound guidance for other procedures have the skills it takes to try this trick that is often easier and more affordable than replacing a slipped device! 


  1. Do you have a citation for this this study? I would love to cite it elsewhere.

  2. The reader who wants the exact reference for the IUD study can find it listed on line in the April issue of Contraception


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