The Hormone of Thin

Are your hormones able to keep your waistline under control? You do weights, you run, you swim, and the scale doesn't budge and you still have more fat mass than you want to for your weight. Make sure you really include resistance training.Leptin is the hormone produced by our body, that causes weight loss. It itself does produce weight loss independently, just by normal to high levels being secreted, but it also causes weight loss by decreasing your food intake. Higher leptin levels cause (in animal studies) less food intake, and we don't actually know how well this works in people. We are quickly finding out. The blood levels can be measured, and at Women's Health Practice we wouldn't measure these for routine dieters, but when there is no progress with normal weight loss strategies, we begin to look to hormonal causes. Leptin also will increase your weight loos by changing your body temperature, specifically, leptin will decrease your heat production so that you will burn more calories. Exactly just how we can get this hormone to turn on is less well understood than how this hormone turns off. Fasting will decrease leptin! Exercise will decrease leptin! Now exercise will produce it's own heat loss and energy expenditure, but fasting cannot do that. Although we are taking in less calories, so 'less to burn', ultimately, fasting has the counter-productive effect of making weight loss harder! This all has to do with this crazy hormone leptin...and the other hormones produced in our adipose (fat) tissue... and you can reduce some of that hormone production by any fat reduction therapy, including Coohttp://www.womenshealthpractice.comlsculpting.


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