Estrogen Therapy for the Bladder

In the new position statement from NAMS on hormone therapy there is a differentiation between hormone therapy with estrogen and hormone therapy with progesterone and estrogen, and there has been some differentiation between hormone therapy over the skin verses systemic pill therapy. There has also now been a distinction between the various types of vaginal estrogen treatments. We have known that vaginal estrogen can normalize not only the lining tissue back to the condition prior to or during the menopausal transition, but it normalizes the vaginal environment and the types of bacteria. Through this effect it can result in fewer chronic bladder infections. Also in the position statement, they point out that the 2 mm vaginal ring, which leaks estrogen on a daily basis, can in fact reduce the symptoms of over-active bladder as well. So if you happen to have chronic bladder issues that are not resolving, see your gyno, perhaps she has suggestions for you that can help.


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