Does Menopause Cause Heart Risk?

The simple answer to the question of whether menopause causes heart risk is yes. The loss of estrogen and the loss of testosterone make women rapidly transition from having less heart risks than men to having more heart risks.And this risk is not trivial and should be discussed with your gyno. If you have always been thin, if your cholesterol is low, if you have always exercised, and eaten a low fat diet, your heart risks are less than women who have not had those preventative measures, whether you transition through menopause or not. But the average American Woman, according to a study of atherosclerosis in perimenopausal women has about a 30% chance of already having plaque in their arteries.This means many of us are already at high risk without taking the proper measures to protect ourselves from potentially fatal consequences. So as your hormones change, don't just get a pap, get a heart check as well.


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