You Had Fertility Treatments, This is What You May Want to Discuss With Your Gyno

Varicose Veins With Ankle Swelling
If you have had fertility treatments in your past, you probably do need closer follow up than routine gynecologic care. The reason you need closer follow up is that the side effects of treatment, and the reasons you were infertile may lead to gynecologic problems and medical health issues in later life. Here we suggest the topics to investigate with your gyno. Each infertile woman may have concerns in some or all of these in our list, but consulting with your health provider is important to see if you had special aspects of your case. The guidelines regarding future care from organizations do vary depending on the following factors: what treatments you received, did you successfully achieve pregnancy, did you breastfeed, your weight, your genetics, and your nutrition. If you had endometriosis syndrome you may need follow up as it is a chronic and recurring disease.
But these are some of the post fertility treatment considerations we have at Women's Health Practice:

1. Be monitored for ovarian cancer risk. Most studies have not documented risk of the infertility treatments over and above the baseline risks, but still some studies do show more risk of ovarian cancer. Now new studies show that endometriosis syndrome patients are at increased risk for ovarian cancer. Gettingyearly pap smears, gynecologic transvaginal ultrasounds or other marker tests may be necessary.
2. Checking your cholesterol. Hormone treatments may have thrown off your lipids, the particle count of your blood fats, or the particle size. Hormone treatments may have also altered your blood vessel wall inflammation making you more at risk for atherosclerosis. For those with high blood pressure, chest or heart symptoms, be evaluated promptly.
3. Ovulation inducing hormones may have altered your blood sugar and if you have gained weight that is another risk factor for metabolic problems. We recommend our post infertility patients be screened for diabetes, particularly those who have PCOS which puts  you at more risk anyway.
4. Weight management, if you have gained weight with rounds of fertility treatments it's important to normalize your weight. A modified program of nutritional supplements that increase fiber, protein and vitamins might be a simple way to lose those few extra pounds.
5. Timing of mammograms, it's best to do this a few months after breast feeding, but many women have held off on any x-rays during the treatment and it is important if you have had rounds of hormones that you also get screened according to routine guidelines.
6. For those who have pelvic pain this needs to be followed and treated. Causes might include pelvic conditions of fibroids, endometriosis, STDs, tubal blockage, or pelvic inflammatory disease, making a followup plan now can help to keep these issues at bay.
7. Leg evaluation. Hormonal treatment, pregnancy and weight gain may have caused or worsened varicose veins, we recommend proper support stockings, exercise and a basic evaluation of your legs.
8. Checking for ovarian cysts, these can come from ovulation treatments as well.

And if you became pregnant and had medical issues during the pregnancy we will want to design special follow up for this as well.


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