Mom's Heart Beats

We have spent a lot of time talking about overall health and heart heath in general. And not as much time talking about heart health in pregnancy. Dietary principals of heart heath apply in pregnancy as well. We don't watch cholesterol as closely, because the hormones of pregnancy throw those numbers off so much and the cholesterol medications are not typically used in pregnancy. Blood pressure is critical, but we don't want to pull pressure down too low or it won't feed baby. But one question I get frequently in pregnancy, is about heart rate alone. Some women report a racing heart in pregnancy, and changes in blood volume can lead to this physiological effect on the heart can be very early in pregnancy! Many people will feel anxious when they are pregnant. Some of that is truly a psychological consequence. But for some women it's part of the physiologic response to pregnancy. In early pregnancy your heart rate goes up from an average person's heart rate in the low to mid 60s up to an average of about 79. By mid pregnancy, an average heart rate for women is about 77, and rises further to an average heart rate of 80 by your 6 week check up it is down to about 66, probably near where you started. But those heart rate swings of 10-20 beats can be annoying for some women, and dangerous for those with pre-existing heart conditions.


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