Ignoring the Class Tease Made them Ignore You, So Why Not Try this With Hot Flashes!

Menopausal women can take a play from how they behaved in grade school and it is a simple and effective solution to treating symptoms simply and safely! Apparently carrying on as if nothing has happened, not avoiding the things you like to do and want to do, and plan old using calming techniques which will help ignore your hot flashes makes hot flashes be tolerable if not gone! Mya Hunder, a Clinical Health Psychologist at King's College London and her coworkers have studied the hot flash from a whole different perspective: the perspective of your behaviors towards the hoot flashes you may have and how that then affects the tolerance of the hot flashes. The psychologists were very interested in coping behavior, specifically how women behave in a social context, and how they believe they should cope with their hot flashes, and how they belive they should cope with any sleep disruption from hot flashes. Beliving that you won't be bothered helps you cope, so there is another simple and cost effective strategy if the breathing techniques won't work!


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