Yougarts or As the Mongolian War Lords said: Matzoon and Kumyss on the Prego Menu

You are pregnant, and happy, but some of the minor side effects of pregnancy, like vomiting, may become such a nuisance that once it hits, we reach for the medication bottle. How about the treatment of constipation in pregnancy? Have you tried kumyss and matzoon? That's what they recommended in the Progressive Era! Matzoon is essentially Armenian yogurt, and kumyss is a fermented dairy product traditionally made from mare's milk favored by the Mongolian war lords. The Japanese believed their version of matzoon, also called matzoni,  which is yogurt from the Caspian Sea area is best. If you aren't a vegan, then these products milk might just help keep you regulated in pregnancy, but given that are pretty hard to find, but I just recommend bran and Greek yogurt, and try to stay way from the drops of cascara sagrada, as that might turn into too much laxative.


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