Vaginal Itching in Young Girls: If Not Yeast, What is Wrong?

Vaginal itching is very common in young girls. Both yeast infections and bacterial infections are known to both produce vaginal itching and vaginal discharge.And in posts on both ewe have discussed some of the causes and cures. But if your young kido is complaining of itching or has a vaginal rash, it could be yeast, it's not likely to be bacterial, and they also are more likely to pick up other bugs. If there is a bloody or actively painful discharge in a young girl before puberty, it's more likely to be something that she's stuck into the vagina, and that does have to be checked. If she's had recent diarrhea, some of those same organisms can cause infections. They also are more likely to get an obvious rash from scratching as the skin is so sensitive, even normal sexual exploration can cause enough irritation to be mistaken for an infection. And pinworms are occasionally seen as well. Those are a bit harder to detect in a regular exam, but pediatricians recommend putting some tape over the anus before bed and then taking it off first thing in the morning and bringing it to the doctor to look at under the microscope. This is literally known as the tape test, and rarely it's positive in teens as well. Although there are other causes of the itching or irritation, these are some of the most common causes.


  1. Hi there. My 3 year old daughter has scratched her soft part and then I saw her panty with few drops of blood. Could the blood be caused by her scratching? And not something I should be alarmed of? Her scratching in other parts of her body has been my problem since she was younger, and she is undergoing treatment of dermatitis. Would appreciate your response. Thanks!

  2. A few drops of blood seen on a female child's underwear can be from a scrape, or a small cut, or rarely from scratching. Scratching so significant to produce bleeding can produce scaring, and usually is bothersome enough that it likely needs to be treated. A health care provider can evaluate a youngster for the causes of the scratching, there are even psychosomatic causes (not as likely in a child as young as 3 but still possible). Once the cause is determined then a treatment plan can be devised.


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