Tampon Health: 'There is a Catch'

For women who have used tampons for years they insert their favorite one, it pops right in, and you are off to deal with your day without a care or a thought. But if you didn't have a mom or a girlfriend or a sister to show you the ropes, that first time, well, many of us have a story! And for some, no matter how expert the advice, there is still a catch and it won't go in! So what could be the problem? Tense muscles, a temporary irritation, or improper knowledge of the basics of anatomy can be reasons for difficult tampon insertions.And technique aside, some of us were born with anatomic conditions that prevent successful tampon use! A vaginal septum, or simple wall, is one of the more common causes. This configuration doesn't prevent sex or having a baby for most, the wall can push to one side and for some the one side is so small they don't even realize they have two sides until a gyno check discovers it. For most women, once this is discovered a gyno who performs vaginal plastic procedures can take out the wall and there won't be any problem with pregnancy. For some this issue actually is more than just the anatomy of the vagina being off but other associated conditions, such as an abnormally shaped uterus or two cervixes being present. Double vaginas and vaginas that really don't have openings are the other causes of difficult tampon insertion. It's important that check with your gyno if you just cannot manage that tampon! It may not just be a tense muscle. Many conditions are not harmful and just a part of your body you need to learn to negotiate, other conditions actually require treatment.


  1. I personally think tampons hurt when you take them out not when you put them in

  2. Only if it's not soaked. You should never take out a tampon when it's dry and it is also important to use the right size tampon compared to your flow.

  3. Tampon insertion and removal typically is not uncomfortable for most women. Size, contour, composition, and the number of changes you do each day can affect the comfort level. For women who only get staining or very light bleeding with their periods, a large tampon will always be relatively dry upon removal, and it may be better to use those called 'slim'. If discomfort persists, it's time to check in with the gynecologist.

  4. Personally I think pads are much Better...but most women feel uncomfortable in them or make their skin itch..for that they can first place a pad and then on top of that they can Place a soft cloth...in this way it is much safe non itchy and comfortable..it always works for me;-)

  5. Using cloths to pad tampons can be softer, but remember that soaps and even the products in the cloths can cause irritation.


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