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You just had a baby and are ready for contraception, but your gyno hasn't given you the same prescription of pills you've found as the best for you. Why? Because it has been a belief that progesterone only pills help improve breast feeding by improving milk supply. But the progestetrone only pills have never been quite as desireable as the typical combination pill as without the estrogen component they tend to have slightly higher breakthrough bleeding and slightly greater failure rates. After delivery, about 85% of moms are trying breast feeding, but only 60% are still breastfeeding after two weeks! So trying to figure out how as your gyno we can make this process more successful, and helping you pick the right birth control pill is important. With a grant funded by the American Congress of Obstetrics and Gynecology researchers at the University of New Mexico have specifically looked at the first 8 weeks, and the first 6 months of breast feeding and whether the mom's stopped breastfeeding sooner or baby's growth was any different based on the type of birth control pill. They did not compare these women to women who were breastfeeding and not on hormonal contraception, and they didn't exclude people that began to supplement early in the addition to breastfeeding, so the study doesn't answer all the questions you might think of regarding the best type of contraception, but none the less a very informative study. At 8 weeks each group, those on progesterone only pills, and those on the regular pills were virtually identical with each group having over 60% of moms breastfeeding, and about half of each group reportted stoping breastfeeding because of a perception of low milk supply. Interestingly many organizations do discourage combined birth control pill us in the first 3-6 weeks after pregnancy because of the risk of getting a deep vein blood clot. But , after the three weeks pass, this study says don't worry regarding milk production with or without various types of pills, and pick the pill you and your gyno have decided is best for you! And remember is milk production is an issue, there are other things to consider rather than jsut the type of pill you are taking.


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