This is Not Herpes

In a recent post we did post a picture of herpes. But there are conditions that look very similar but are not herpes. If you see a spot, in the vaginal area, then at least come to discuss, it's probably not going to be all that helpful to take photographs, but coming in to show your provider can be invaluable. Not every condition can be diagnosed by blood tests, and some blood tests do not stay positive for long. So again, get in to see your provider. Herpes Simplex usually looks like a cluster of blisters. By the time you see your gyno the bilisters can have ruptured and at that point there is an ulcer, and often that is the uncomfortable stage as well. But not every little cluster of ulcers is herpes. One such cluster is called Aphthous Ulcers. They can even recur at intervals, and they are self limiting, both of which are the historical characteristics that patients with Herpes do report. But aphthous ulcers, althought they look like little ulcers that could be mistaken for herpes, they are not herpes, and do not have the same implication as herpes. The Aphthous Ulcers are of unknown cause, they occur in women both in the mouth as well as the vaginal area.


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