Painful Breasts: Top 10 Questions

1. Do Painful breasts mean I am pregnant?
---Not typically although early pregnant patients do have breast discomfort, but if you suspect, run a home test.
2. If I have painful breasts am I drinking too much caffeine?
---Many studies say this is true, moderate and see how your symptoms are. Newer studies say low fat diets will help prevent breast pain.
3. Will breast pain be resolved by taking the birth control pill?
---For new start pill patients new breast pain could be caused, but for most over time the steady hormone levels prevent that pre-menstrual breast pain.
4. Can my Mirena IUD cause breast pain?
  ---The low levels of progesterone could cause symptoms, but not very likely.
5. What should I take for breast pain?
 ---It is important to talk to your gyno, but ibuprofen, tylenol and heat are what most women will try first.
6. Should I get a mammogram if I have breast pain?
 --If you are  over 40 and have other indications, yes you need one, if you have had yours for the year, then you need to discuss with your gyno first.
7. Does it mean something different if only one breast hurts?
 ---Bilateral pain is more likely hormonal or a generalized condition. Pain that is localized to one breast might be more likely to be a symptom of something that needs a gyno exam.
8. Can breast touching during sex cause breast pain?
  ----Rough sex can cause discomfort but actual pain or bruising is abnormal, if either occurred consider an examination.
9. If I have breast pain should I do a breast self exam?
10. Can an infection cause breast pain?
  --Yes, if your skin is warm or red, you need to see your gyno promptly. 


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