Pain: What is a cytokine

Conquering pain means conquering those factors which cause the pain, and factors that decrease that pain The more we learn, the more we realize that there are circulating factors in our blood and in our tissues that increase the pain we feel. And the more we understand these factors, the better we will be able to control the pain that goes along with medical conditions and treatments.  Cytokines are very ubiquitous molecules, and probably account for a lot of our issues with pain. Cytokines are like a hormone in many ways, but they exist in our blood in microscopic amounts relative to the amount of hormone we have. Cytokines figure into whether we will have a fever when we are sick, and help recruit other infection and disease fighting substances so that we can heal. It's one of those areas of medicine in which we know a lot, but cannot exactly apply much of the knowledge to the every day problems we have. But it's important to remember, you cannot heal without a healthy immune system, and it's important to speak to your gyno about how to maximize that health.


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