Menoapsue and Polycystic Ovaries

Polycystic ovaries have many effects on the rest of our boidies. For some women they lead to the medical conditions of diabetes, hypertension and gall bladder disease. For some they lead to unwanted acne or hair growth. They may make weight increase and polycystic ovaries may make it more difficult to loose weight. But when it comes to menopause: There is actually improvement! There are fewer eggs surviving in our ovaries as we get older, so as a women gets older the contribution of each little cyst begins to diminish!Polycystic patients who may have never had regular cycles, unlike their friends who are reportting more period problems, may actually see their cycles normalize for the first time. Of course a bit of weight loss, adherence to nutritional recommendations overall, and more exercise may also be the reason some women are 'cured' of their polycystic ovaries as they age, so there is much we need to know about!


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