HPV Testing Updated

The more you read about HPV testing the more you will here these words: Primary Screening and Co-testing. A new study published in the Dec 15th issue of Lancet says that women should not get a pap test first, but they should just get an HPV test! This study looked at a specific set of women: ages 29 to 59 and the performance of HPV testing verses pap testing when done twice in 5 years.Scientists from our National Cancer Institute have said that this study, like many that are publishing their results, back up the fact that adding HPV testing to your cervical cancer screening does add value. What will be important is for women to discuss with their own gyno which test to do, when to do the tests, and then what sort of on going testing you need based on the results. Let us know if you have had HPV testing and if so , was it helpful?


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