Fibroid Risk: Caucasians vs African American Women

Uterine fibroids are non cancerous muscle knots that develop with in the muscle of the uterus. They can be cause of heavy bleeding, and there are few effective therapies that are not surgical.  Eventually they can be within the cavity of the uterus, the wall, or protruding out of the uterus, and be from pinpoint size to quite large (basketball size)Fibroid risk is almost ubiquitous, but in fact it is more common for some groups of patients to have uterine fibroids. It has bee thought for a long time that there is a genetic component, and that black women have a greatr risk of uterus fibroids. According to a study of gynecologic population trends from the Mayo Clinic and reported in the November 2011 American Journal of Obstetric and Gynecology, by age 50 about 70% of Caucasian women and 80% of African American women have fibroids. But by the age of 35 over a third of Caucasian women and over half of black women will already have them, and be symptomatic. These numbers are so large that the numbers of women getting treatments is constantly increasing. So if you think you have them, or have interest in a research study, see us or see your gyno, it may be time for an ultrasound as well as your pelvic exam or pap smear. 


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