Dad Can Also Insure The Baby is Healthy

Gynos spend a lot of time speaking to their mom's about what to do and what not to do, what to eat and what not to eat, what medicine to take and what not to take, and what the effects of various exposures may be in pregnancy. But we don't regularly speak about what the dads can do. Interestingly, we have always thought that the "winning sperm" would take care of any problems. And this has some truth: healthy sperm can fertilize an egg, and unhealthy sperm rarely win the race through the fallopian tube to the egg. So nature has solved much of the problem for us. Which is probably why neither Agent Orange, atomic radiation nor recreational drug use in the dad has ever been associated with a higher than normal rate of birth defects in their children. Interestingly pesticide exposure has been associated with birth defects, showing that there must be something fundamentally different about the way the body is effected. So when planning that healthy baby, bring the baby daddy along to your gyno visits, you gyno may just need to have a chat with him! Then if either of your have family history of medical problems then there is blood testing to rule out over 100 genetic tests


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