Turkey Day Tummy? Tests That Can Explain Why.

On Thanksgiving many of us wind up with a complaint of bloating. It's not unusual to get a bit full and bloated when we over eat going from grandma's to the in laws to the best friend and back to the parents, but on the other hand, sometimes the tummy has a way of defying all rules and hurting when you just least expect it. Good health and good nutrition definitely depends upon what goes into your mouth, but the 'work' of good eating doesn't stop there. Exercise and strong core muscles will help with the bloating that occurs after eating too much, or being too inactive, or eating foods that have "slower transit times" (constipating). Some women with bloating actually have gluten intolerance, or other food allergies that are the cause of unusual bloating especially if any wheat products are consumed. Without testing modifying your diet to avoid those foods may be enough to avoid those symptoms. Also gynecologic conditions such as endometriosis, cystic ovaries, and infections can contribute to bloating. These conditions are more likely to cause bloating during the ovulation time of the month, or during a menstrual period. So if you are getting an unusual amount of bloating this year, time to go talk to your gyno. Otherwise, enjoy your holiday!


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