Treat the Pain Avoid The Depression

Pain treatment is an important step for overall good mental health. The newest studies show that women who have untreated and uncontrolled pain in labor are more likely  to suffer from post partum depression. Untreated pain in labor also has been associated with post-traumatic stress disordered and even your thinking and cognitive function can be disrupted if you have uncontrolled pain in labor. The cause of labor pain may be one of a number of factors. Like the stretching of pelvic nerves, the dilating of the cervix and the contraction of the uterus itself. We know that psychologic stress makes the pain worse as well. And the pain of labor leads to abnormally high blood adrenaline which can cross the placenta and affect the baby as well as affect the amount of blood flow to the placenta by over 50%.So when planning your birth, discuss your options with your provider, think about ways you can safely decrease the amount of pain that you may experience, it is important for your health and the baby's health.


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