Ouch, I think I have a Hemorrhoid

Actually far from being uncommon hemorrhoids are part of the normal blood vessel structures of your anal canal. Since most of us have declined to discuss or ask about the anus on our regular gyno check ups it’s come to our attention that when they do lead to problems patients are often rushing to the internet to figure out just what could be causing such pain, itching and sometimes even bleeding. If the hemorrhoid gets big it will prolapsed out of the rectum as a bulge and if the vessel gets a small clot within it it’s called thrombosis and that can be the source of quite a bit of the pain. The hemorrhoids all come from the circulation of blood vessels from the hemorrhoidal veins, and they can actually be internal and only your health care provider can do an exam to determine if that is the cause. Women can have skin tags, warts, or other rectal conditions that can be confused with hemorrhoids so it is best if you are getting them for the first time to get a gyno exam.


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