The n Newest Defence Against Cervical Cancer: An IUD!

ParaGard Insertion Model
We know that the HPV virus causes cervical cancer, and we have spent a lot of time helping patients understand the importance of eradicating this disease. But in a study reported in the September 2011 Lancet IUD users were not as likely to have cervical cancer even though their rate of HPV infection was no different! Physicians have long noted that the IUD use sets up the presence of inflammatory cells in the lining of the uterus, and perhaps there is something about that condition that has a beneficial effect on the cervix to make it less likely to turn precancerous cells into cancerous ones! One of the researchers, a Dr. Karl Ulrich Petry of Klinikum Wolfsburg in Germany thinks that the trigger for this favorable immune response is the actual insertion. Very intriguing, and it's a bit premature to recommend IUDs only for this! But when weighing your risks and benefits ask your gyno if you are at risk for cervical cancer and ask about all the ways to reduce your risk!


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