IUDs have Non-Contraceptive Benefits As Well

We have often quoted Dr. David Grimes (as well as other experts) who applaud the IUD for being "forgettable" contraception; of course meaning that once you have your IUD, you are protected and it doesn't require the constant attention of daily pill use. It is important for women using oral contraception to understand their non-contraceptive benefits; but we do not really talk enough about the non-contraceptive benefits of the Mirena IUD. The Mirena IUD is approved for control of heavy menstrual bleeding, and this is the non-contraceptive IUD benefit we have focused the most on. In fact a non-contraceptive benefit of the Mirena is less expense of menstrual protection like pads and tampons for most women.We have talked a bit about the possibility that the Mirena IUD can have a beneficial effect on uterine fibroids. We have also talked about the possibility that Mirena can aid the treatment of endometriosis. And we have mentioned that it might work to prevent polyps of the uterine lining. Another significant benefit is that the thicker cervical mucus helps to protect against pelvic inflammatory disease. And now the use of IUD has been expanded to treatment of uterine lining problems of too much thickness (called endometrial hyperplasia) and may be effective against stage one lining cancer of the uterus as well! In fact it has been shown the Levonorgesterel IUDs, Mina, work about as well as oral progesterones in some studies. So, do get an IUD because it is an excellent form of contraception, but when weighing all the risks and benefits, please be sure to discuss with your gyno your risk for the conditions mentioned and how an IUD may be able to help in your case.


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