Have Your Physician Monitor Your Vitamin and Supplement Use

Fall Goldenrod
The breaking news that vitamin and mineral supplements lead to early death is very concerning to patients and their physicians.  The Iowa Women's Health Study has released some of their findings which have made the headlines. If a woman is between 55 and 69 and she takes iron supplements she is at increased risk of death. One of the problems is that women can get access to unlimited supplies of iron and take it without even thinking to list it as a medication when they see their physicians. In truth, we do not lose much iron after our menstrual cycles stop and the excess iron can accumulate in the body in actually destructive ways. It is very easy to measure both your blood iron and your iron stores to discover if you are someone, for instance a vegetarian who doesn't eat meat, who might be at risk for low iron. If you are not at risk for low iron you may not need any at all. In this study calcium was protective but the study was reported as showing that "Vitamin B6, folic acid, iron, magnesium, and zinc were associated with about a 3% to 6% increased risk for death, whereas copper was associated with an 18.0% increased risk for total mortality when compared with corresponding nonuse." I urge my patients to get nutrition from their food, and when in doubt lets do some basic blood work and check on your vitamin levels, most healthy patients will not need supplements. I would not necessarily apply this to women who have hair loss, libido symptoms, menopausal symptoms, fatigue, or who are on medications which require certain nutritional balance.


  1. Nice post there is all vitamins and minerals has a very important role in human's body.


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