Breast Masses While Pregnant

Non-Cancerous 1.3 cm Breast Mass Shown on Ultrasound, Fibroadenoma
Women who are pregnant or recently delivered often have breast masses. While masses in pregnancy are fairly common, most are not cancerous. Pregnancy associated breast cancers are fortunately fairly rare. The rate we believe to be about 1/3000 or as low as 1/10,000. The delay in diagnosis skews how we report the numbers as having been "pregnancy associated." In other posts we have discussed what to do if you feel a breast mass, and the top ten signs of breast cancer. When women are pregnant or they have ducts filled with mild due to breast feeding, a separate distinct swelling is often difficult to feel. Ultrasound, breast exams by your gyno, biopsies and even mammograms can be used whether you are pregnat or breast feeding to help diagnose what is going on. Of course we try to minimize the actual use of mammograms unless the suspicion of cancer is very high, and even if performed the baby needs to be shielded from radiation.


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