Your ears your nose and your throat in pregnancy, why they change too

When you are pregnant every part of your body is dramatically effected by the physical changes that accommodate the developing baby. The uterus grows from 70 grams to 1000 grams, most women gain  at least a couple of stone, and your skin starts taking on pigments that may never fade! But what may seem minor, but often isn't,  is the runny nose and altered hearing women report. The changes in the ear, nose and throat are primarily due to changes in the circulatory system, some presumed increased susceptibility to viral infections, as well as some pressure changes from the bulk pressure of the growing uterus. This can range from the  very minor changes noted to increased reports of  tinnitus, facial palsies, and deafness that should be self limiting to pregnancy. As the levels of estrogen and progesterone rise without enough corresponding change in cortisol levels or immune enhancement there may also be heightened sensitivity to allergens may influence the engorgement of the nasal mucosa,  which can in term cause epistaxis (bloody nose) and rhinitis. Most treatment regimens of these complaints do not differ from the treatment of these conditions in the non-pregnant state other than being aware of the effects of any selected medication on the fetus, as most advice relies on case reports or reports of case series. What did you notice during your pregnancy? Were there any treatments that helped you especially? Let me know!


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