Yes, You Can Still Use Tampons! And Menstrual Cups!

Women some times ask if they will accidentally pull out their IUD when their tampons are removed.  And the answer is no. Dr. Ellen Wiebe at the University of Britsh Columbia looked at the IUD use in their patients and found that tampon use with IUDs is perfectly acceptable and did not increase the rate of infections or the rate that the IUDs became dislodged or expelled. So their conclusion was that tampon use is still very safe and acceptable for those using an IUD for contraception. In Canada where the study was done they were looking at information for the four IUDs they have available, we have only two available in the US. Patients will also be happy to note that her research also said that the use of menstrual cups is acceptable. The current package information on Mirena IUD says that the use of tampons is fine, but the information doesn't currently say that you can use the menstrual cups. In her study about 75% of the patients used tampons, and only about 10% used menstrual cups. Most women will not expel their IUD, of those IUDs which do get expelled, most are expelled in the first month of use, and some within the first year. In this study it was shown that about 3.5% of women expelled their IUD. In other studies there is about a 6% expulsion of the Mirena IUD and from 3-10% expulsion of the Paragard. At Women's Health Practice we confirm placement with an ultrasound if there is any question of position or a question that the IUD has been dislodged.


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