Would You Take 6 months of Antibiotics To Cure the Bathroom Overuse?

Just when we see doctors and patients calling for less antibiotic use in general a team from Scotland has a new idea to cure the medical condition of running to the bathroom too frequently: More Antibiotics! This group, reporting from  Glasgow, Scotland at the 41st annual meeting of the International Continence Society came up with a novel idea that a group of patients with Overactive bladders and white blood cells in their urine probably had a degree of inflammation going on in their bladder accounting for the symptoms. In fact  Dr. Kiren Gill, of University College London, UK, told Reuters Health. "We think about half of patients with OAB may have bacteria in their urine." The team looked at groups with antibiotic treatment alone, verses treatment with antibiotics and the commonly used overactive bladder medicines, or just the medical treatment group alone and these did not receive antibiotics.The success rates of cure in these groups was an outstandingly good 75-85%. The group also took very seriously the issue that surely pops into our minds first which is: could this strategy cause resistance to antibiotics that are important for serious infection. They went on to say that they did over 65,000 cultures and couldn't find any undue antibiotic resistance in patients who had received antibiotic. They felt that this was because there really wasn't' too much infection, just a few bacteria, so not enough bacteria growing in rapid secession that would be the potential victims of antibiotic resistance. So the next time you run out of treatment options, this is something to consider, but most of us think there are other better ways of treating this condition that this which seems drastic. What do you think? Would you do his treatment? You may want to gab with your gyno about it.


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