The MiniPill has gotten its nickname because it contains progesterone only. Most traditional contraception pill have both the hormones estrogen and progesterone. Gynos prefer to prescribe these to breastfeeding women.  We also call them POPs for progesterone only pills, and for women who cannot use estrogen for a variety of reasons, gynos also prescribe these. Studies done on estrogen progesterone containing pills show that women will likely have a bit lower milk and due to this effect they either struggle getting milk supply going or discontinue sooner. Although updated information seems to indicate it was only the older high dose estrogen containing contraceptive pills that did that. Thus, traditionally we have prescriptive these progesterone only “minipill” formulas to women who breast feed. We thought that the beneficial effects were just due to the fact that the pill contained no estrogen. Now physician researchers have discovered that progesterone in the minipill can prime the pump and women who go on the minipill are more likely to have greater milk production. This boost to the amount of milk keeps those women feeding longer, something the Surgeon General Can Smile About!


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