Warts, Get them Gone FAST

So what's your definition of fast? You can use an egg timer to get rid of migraines, you can use the hour marker to get rid of menstrual cramps, but when it comes to taking care of genital warts, are you ready for this: some therapies have taken MONTHS! And during those times you may have other patches of warts to now start treating. And you had better check with your gyno, because some of those patches can be in sort of 'hidden' places! If you ignore your warts by week four you've got a few more, by 8 weeks in actually some patients, a very few percent, have cleared on their warts on their own through an active immune system So the FDA has now approved a green treat extract called Vergen for genital condyloma. But if you are using physician prescribed medicine it may take 4 months to clear with a 5% preparation and 19 months to clear with a 3.75% application! And patients will often have skin reactions near the treated warts.So don't be concerned if they aren't resolving fast, see your gyno and maybe you actually need a laser, or a freezing (cryo) or other treatments that may be a faster fix!


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