Signs of Estrogen Deficiency

Obvious signs of low estrogen are hot flashes. Less obvious signs are things like painful intercourse, hair loss or hair growth on the chin. Women usually get fewer painful ovarian cysts as they near menopause and even the signs of male hormone excess may actually conversely resolve during menopause. For more information on excess male hormones see the Androgen Excess Society Site. Most people think that polycystic ovaries (PCOS) stabilizes or resolves iwth menopause and this is likely true. Paradoxically a sign of menopause may be a normalization of your cycles if you were always regular before! Keeping tract of you cycles and any change in symptoms can be very helpful when you go to your gyno and gab. Do you have any unusual signs that turned out to be menopause or that you want to ask about? Send in a comment!


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