Prevent Nausea and Vomiting In Pregnancy

  • Eat Frequently
  • Eat Small amounts
  • Stop Eating before Full
  • Eat Ginger
  • Eat Protein
  • Eat Bland, Dry: Try Crackers
  • Drink in Small amounts: Carbonated, Sour Liquids
  • Drink between meals instead of with meals
  • Get Rest, Rest when you are Nauseated
  • Move Slowly: from Laying to Sitting and from Sitting to Standing
  • Brush your Teeth long after eating, not right away
  • Outdoor Air!Avoid bothersome Foods and Smells
  • Avoid Iron


  1. Thanks for posting these easy tips. Menstruation cramps affect many women worldwide. In addition, the clinical term used for excessive pain during menses is dysmenorrhea. And for period pain natural remedies are always recommended.


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